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Criminal & Family Law

Persons accused of criminal conduct need counsel and representation that aids them to grasp the serious consequences of their case and to avoid jail if possible. Similarly, individuals involved in difficult litigation regarding custody of their children, child support, orders of protection and other family court matters need a lawyer who fights for the client's best interests and is unafraid of difficult cases. A lawyer who is compassionate, sensitive and hard-working. Someone who can steer the client to ancillary services and programs if appropriate.

Carl D. Birman has the experience, skills and commitment to make a difference on his clients' behalf. He is compassionate and non-judgmental, and works with the client to achieve the most advantageous result given the facts and circumstances of the case.

Small Business / Not-for-Profit Organizations

The not-for-profit sector is one of the largest and most important parts of the New York metropolitan area's economy. Social and human service organizations, arts and culture groups, environmental action, legal advocacy - these issues and more are addressed by the thousands of charitable organizations in our neighborhoods, towns, boroughs and cities.

We are also available to help you with grant-seeking and grant-making, competitive bidding, Requests for Proposals, and contracting issues with government agencies. Carl D. Birman has written and reviewed hundreds of government grants and is familiar with all facets of the procurement process for today's growing, successful not-for-profit organization.

Issues Addressed: Formation of Tax-Exempt Entities - Control Issues - Public Support Tests; Grant-Seeking & Grant-Making - Competitive Bidding - Requests for Proposals - Contracting With Government Agencies; Governance - Duties of Directors & Officers - Self-Dealing -Reporting Requirements; Litigation; Termination - Scaling Back or Dissolving Organizations